How To Discuss Anal Sex With Your Partner Without Feeling Embarrassed

There is little doubt that miscommunication is the leading cause of poor sexual experiences. Couples don’t love talking about their inner-sexual desires, fantasies, and kinks. We’d rather talk about those subjects with random flings, not with our long-term partners. And that’s never more true than with the subject of anal sex.

How do you discuss anal sex with a partner? Why discuss anal sex with a partner? 

There’s a whole lot riding on your understanding of these matters, so pay careful attention.

Why Discuss Anal Sex With Your Partner?

Well, if you have no desire to have anal sex, and your partner shares this sentiment, there’s no reason to discuss it. But let’s be honest, why are you reading this article? If you clicked on this article or searched and found this article, you want to discuss anal sex with your partner.

Maybe she’s your wife. Or maybe he’s your boyfriend. The relationship statuses we are targeting here are those that are considered more long-term. Because for the most part, long-term relationships compel people to bottle up all their sexual desires. It’s an unfortunate revelation, but one that’s true and harmful to the couple.

Discussing anal sex with your partner allows you and your partner to find common sexual grounds. When you learn more about your partner’s sexual desires, you are able to please your partner more. When you please your partner more, your partner becomes motivated to please you more. 

Moreover, many couples don’t realize that their partner is anal sex curious. In contrast, anal sex is a taboo sexual matter, it’s very popular. Lots of guys and girls consider anal sex. And many women love anal sex

When you bring up the issue, you learn a heck of a lot about your partner. 

How To Discuss Anal Sex With Your Partner

anal sex partnerAh, now the hard part – the actual doing of work.

Nothing good in life comes easy. And that’s true when it comes to difficult conversations. Having difficult conversations about any subject often precludes our growth. This is true of all topics related to sex.

Talking about sex with our partner is awkward. So hence, we avoid the discussions. And that results in our stunted sexual growth. We can’t grow sexually with a partner when we can’t even talk about the very issue.

The first step in discussing anal sex with our partner is breaking the ice.

You don’t need to rip the band-aid off, but you also shouldn’t peel it back so slowly that it becomes a nagging, long-duration pain.

Begin by bringing it up loosely. Maybe mention an article on the web about anal sex you found in Vogue. Make sure it’s something that can create a fun-spirited laugh between you and your partner without discounting anal sex entirely. 

One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by bringing up statistics that tend to show how many people enjoy anal. This puts on display that anal sex isn’t as taboo as you and your partner have always assumed. It breaks the ice. 

You might find your partner saying, “I’m not surprised.” This is a significant indicator that he or she relates to the idea that anal sex could be fun. 

anal sex discussions

This is the opportunity to prompt deeper, more personal discussions. 

For many people, sex, even as a general topic, feels awkward and bizarre. But once you break the ice, it normalizes. You want to normalize the sexual conversation. This allows both people to communicate more honestly. 

You can also break the ice using a joke.

“Let’s do anal sex later.” 

See her response. If she freaks, say it was a joke, but leave it open-ended for a further discussion. 

She might reply, “is that something you are into?”

That’s how awkward conversations turn into progressive communications. Its the beginning of learning more intimate details about our partners. It’s the goal. 

Don’t expect discussing anal sex with your partner to be easy. That’s a mistake. Because the moment things feel awkward, you’ll hastily transition the conversation away from the important matter. 

And remember, it’s not just about anal sex. It’s about sex! If you can openly discuss one sexual topic, you can probably discuss them all. And that means a vast overhaul and improvement to your sex life. 

Couples need to talk about sex. Avoiding the subject tends to lead to affairs and divorces. When you know more intimate details about your partner, you understand their kinks and fantasies. This means you can do more to pleasure them. This is how you keep a relationship going strong.

Anal sex isn’t a growing trend; it’s always been popular. But now more than ever, couples are discussing the act. That’s leading to a surge in pop culture mentionings in movies and TV shows. Pretty soon, anal sex won’t be a taboo thing at all. At least not if we keep on talking about it.