Anal Sex Musings: Things We Wished We’d Known

Anal sex continues to surge in popularity. This means that as a sex act, anal sex is progressing and evolving. As a result, some of the old ways of looking at, or approaching anal sex, are becoming more archaic.

In a modern world where anal sex is considered less taboo and less misogynistic, people discard old myths. And that’s helping many anal sex beginners find their pleasure grooves.

To Doggy Style or Not?

For the more significant part of at least two decades, the doggy-style position has been readily accepted as the best possible anal sex position. It’s rarely been questioned in the anal positional heiarchy until recently.

So let’s break things down: Doggy style is great for anal sex, but only if you are a seasoned veteran of the act. If both you and your anal sex partner are experienced, doggy-style allows for deeper penetration and helps stimulate the woman’s G-Spot during the act. That’s a big deal because it means the woman maximizes her anal sex fun.

But for beginners, the doggy style position may not serve as the most optimal. And that’s for the same reasons which benefit the experienced.

A deeper anal sex experience isn’t always great for beginners. It’s a very 0 to 60 experience. There’s little readying for launch. The woman may feel a loss of control during the experience.

For beginners, laying beside one another is a more helpful, less intimidating, less forceful way to approach the act.

Another good position is a simple missionary.

The point is, you and your partner should build-up to the more aggressive doggy style. However, if you go too hard too fast and it leads to a bad experience for either of you, that may be the end.

The Anal Sex Surprise Is Not Good

You can often find the anal surprise in fictional porn flicks. The guy is working in her vagina; she’s loving it when suddenly he pulls out and reenters on the anal turnpike. The girl makes a surprised, uncomfortable face, which is quickly replaced with a more pleasured demeanor.

Unfortunately, that’s not real life.

In sex, surprises, even “planned surprises,” aren’t great.

You and your partner may have talked about and decided that anal sex is something you both want to try. But pulling an anal move while having traditional sex just because you are both OK with the idea of anal won’t lead anywhere good. That’s because women like to prep for these things. When you surprise her, you inhibit her ability to ready herself. As a result, she will end up feeling uncomfortable with the act and then you risk never trying it again.

You Will Need Lube For Anal Sex

I mean, this should be obvious, but it’s surprising how often couples fail to take this pointer seriously. I think in most cases, it’s due to impromptu decisions to have anal sex. Planning sex acts isn’t always sexy. It feels forced. So the desire for anal sex may pop up as a spur-of-the-moment act when lubricant isn’t handy.

Taking an extra step and using lubricant can help make the experience way more fun.

Relax, It’s Just Anal…

So long as you follow the above tips, it may be time to simply relax and breathe. However, if you are stressed, anxious, and in an anticipatory mindset, you might end up being tight all over your body.

To help stave all this off, try to relax and breathe. Take deep breaths. If you are stressed, your anus may tighten up and cause both you and your partner issues during the act.

Take deep breaths. Think of relaxing things. Try to get your head in more of a mellow place so that you can enjoy the anal sex experience.

Don’t Switch From Anal To Vaginal

You can safely go from vaginal to anal, but don’t go from anal to vaginal. Anal to vaginal switching can cause infections. Butt bacteria does not play well in the vagina. It can cause UTIs and yeast infections.

Maybe Use Dark Sheets or Even Towels

anal sex sheets

Hey, I know it is not sexy to lay towels on a bed, but it should be understood that anal sex is messy. It’s just par for the course, friends. So prepare the setting. You don’t have to make it super unsexy; if you know the anal sex is a potential, go ahead and have the towels in place. Or use dark sheets you maybe care a bit less about.

Anal Sex is For Both Guys and Girls

There’s an old misogynistic or even non-science-based idea, that anal sex isn’t for women. In other words, only men enjoy anal.

But this isn’t true. There’s more and more science and anecdotal evidence that women enjoy the anal just as much. This is because anal penetration can, in fact, stimulate the pleasure spot of the woman.

In the past, women would decline anal sex opportunities because they’ve been told repeatedly that it doesn’t feel good. So in the end, this is great news for men.

Anal sex is less taboo than in years past. As a result, it is becoming a more popular way to connect with a sex partner. And hey, once a couple gains some experience, it’s a super fun and pleasurable way to experience sex.

But it’s not something done off the cuff. Best you prepare and read through anal sex tips. It just makes things easier.