How To Prepare For Anal Sex (A Starter Guide To Backdoor Sex Fun)

So you’ve decided to try anal sex for the first time. Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step to satisfy that tingling, backdoor urge. You’ve decided to stop resisting your desire for anal intercourse. But anal sex is a little more complicated kink. That’s totally OK, don’t be intimidated. We just feel that knowing how to prepare for anal sex can help you along. 

The more you know, the more fun you’ll have. 

So let’s learn how to prepare for anal sex.

Anal sex is more popular than ever. Most likely that’s due to folks being more open about their sexual fetishes in general. Women are experiencing a sexual revolution, less restrained by societal moral codes. Women like anal sex, or, shall I say, love it. 

This has led to a lot of people wanting to know more about anal sex preparation.

Let’s do this.

Learn How To Prepare For Anal Sex


Start Alone

There is nothing wrong with a little self-experimentation. When you try anal sex through masturbation, you can get a feel for what you enjoy. What pleasures you about anal sex? What size penis would feel better or worse for you?

What type of movements are enjoyable to you?

A solo anal sex experience cultivates learning and builds confidence. If you’ve never had anything inserted into your butt, you might feel pretty nervous during your first anal sex experience. 

Part of anal sex preparation is learning your own body. Learning what pleasures you and what makes you uncomfortable. For anal sex dating to work, you’ll communicate these things to your partner. 

Cleanliness During Anal Sex

Many girls who like anal sex still get a bit insecure over hygiene. That makes complete sense. No one wants to feel unclean. But alas, anal sex operates in areas we understand to sometimes be less clean than we’d like. 

This can create insecurities. And insecurities sometimes lessen anal sex fun. 

So it’s important to get your anal sex hygiene ducks in a row. 

Use the bathroom an hour prior to your encounter. You want to make sure there isn’t much inside your bowels. 

Do not eat a big meal within hours prior to your anal sex encounter. While this should be obvious, many people simply act out of routine and eat, only to end up regretting the action.

Clean the anal area with soap and water. Once the bowels are empty and you’ve avoided big meals, make sure you clean your anal pleasure zone thoroughly. You may consider a light enema to help.

With an enema, you need to perform this house prior to the experience. Sometimes, water gets left behind and this can cause complications. If you’ve never done an enema, it may take some getting used to. You’ll need to remain calm and understand it takes time to get the hang of. 

Here are some anal enema tips:

  • Clean/sanitize the enema device (the tip especially)
  • Screw the tip on tight
  • Lay down on your side so you are relaxed
  • Use for up to 15 seconds then release in toilet. Repeat.
  • Clean again when finished and make sure it’s in a place that allows it to freely dry.

Some Couples Use Gloves

When it comes to anal foreplay, fingers are often an integral part of the fun. Some couples may use gloves to help keep things as clean as possible. 

Of course, gloves aren’t super sexy. But that’s OK. It may take some of the stress off you both in the early stages of your anal play experimentation. 

We recommend latex gloves because they are thinner. You can apply lubricant to them. 

Know Your Order

It’s very important to NOT go directly from anal sex to vaginal sex. If you are having anal sex and decide to switch to vaginal sex, go clean up your parts. Not doing so can cause infections or more serious issues for your partner. 

Don’t Freak Out Over a Mess

Look, things happen. This is anal sex, there are risk in terms of mess.

Part of knowing how to prepare for anal sex is being cool under pressure. If a mess happens, don’t panic. The bigger deal you make out of it the more you’ll lose interest in the fun altogether. 

The most important thing you can do is to keep things hygienic. Second to that, stay cool so that your partner doesn’t become self-conscious. 


Learning how to prepare for anal sex can make the experience stress free and super fun. If it’s your first time trying anal sex, simply follow the guide above and you’ll go into the experience more confident. 

Anal sex is fun, but it can be stressful, even for experienced couples. Following a few simple steps can vastly improve the mental aspect of the experience. 

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