How To Discuss Anal Sex With Your Partner Without Feeling Embarrassed

discuss anal sex with partner

There is little doubt that miscommunication is the leading cause of poor sexual experiences. Couples don’t love talking about their inner-sexual desires, fantasies, and kinks. We’d rather talk about those subjects with random flings, not with our long-term partners. And that’s never more true than with the subject of anal sex.

How do you discuss anal sex with a partner? Why discuss anal sex with a partner? 

There’s a whole lot riding on your understanding of these matters, so pay careful attention.

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Women Who Love Anal – A Growing Trend In Dating

women love anal sex feature

There are women who love anal sex. You didn’t know this? Come on, the writing has been on the wall now for years. Mainstream Hollywood TV shows and movies both feature more empowered women who profess their joy, or curiosity, for anal sex.

But why does it sometimes feel like women don’t like anal sex? Well, that’s because we are just now coming out of a world that supresses women’s sexual desires. And we coming out of that unabashedly, and rapidly.

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Anal Sex Musings: Things We Wished We’d Known

anal sex tips feature

Anal sex continues to surge in popularity. This means that as a sex act, anal sex is progressing and evolving. As a result, some of the old ways of looking at, or approaching anal sex, are becoming more archaic.

In a modern world where anal sex is considered less taboo and less misogynistic, people discard old myths. And that’s helping many anal sex beginners find their pleasure grooves.

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What Anal Sex Feels Like For a Woman

anal sex feel like to women feature

Anal sex is one of the most popular sex acts. Although it remains somewhat a taboo subject compared to other more accepted sex acts, its popularity can’t be denied. Even in popular culture, such as TV shows, podcasts, and movies, anal sex popularity is surging.

But is anal sex another misogynistic sex act that doesn’t pleasure the woman?

Not so fast.

Let’s examine what anal sex feels like for a woman.

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Pandemic Anal Training Is a Real Thing (and its awesome)

pandemic anal sex training feature image

The pandemic, alongside its controversial shutdowns, has brought about a lot of social weirdness. Our go-to absurdity will long be toilet paper hoarding. People are cooking and baking more than ever, that’s kind of cool. People are hitting the Peloton, good on ya! And people are anal training. Yes, anal training for anal sex. Not training to complete a 5K, rather, training their butt’s to be more accessible.

Sounds odd. But it’s true.

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The Amazing Benefits of Anal Sex

benefits of anal sex

Being we’re an anal sex dating site, it comes as no surprise that we strongly believe couples who go backdoor experience lots of benefits. And there are lots of anal sex benefits to be had, whether it’s through random, strange sex, or during a long-term relationship.

Couples have long touted the benefits of anal sex. But it remains, many people largely ignore the upside of the backdoor experience. This is because, for many singles, anal sex remains a taboo sex act that’s not to be spoken of after it occurs.

But things are changing. Anal sex dating and hookups are becoming way more mainstream. We should know, we see how many singles sign up because they are interested in finding a fun anal sex partner.

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How To Meet Girls On Anal Sex Dating

anal sex dating

There is really nothing in the world as captivating and erotic as watching a girl pull her pants down from behind. I mean, at least when you know the anal sex is near. Anal Sex Dating has given many men and women new opportunities to score fetish and kink fun.

Women like anal sex. Never let anyone tell you any differently. But it remains, anal sex is a more aggressive, complex sexual fetish. This means you need to be sensitive to a number of factors or your anal sex dating journey will end before it begins.

Anal Sex Dating provides a platform that connects you with sexy girls interested in backdoor sex. But opportunities won’t just fall into your lap, you’ll need to do some work.

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Do Women Like Anal Sex? Here’s What You Should Know

do women like anal sex

One of the biggest questions men ask when they join Anal Sex Dating is, do women like anal sex?

It seems mind-numbingly silly to ask this question given that women sign up for an anal sex dating site. But it happens all the time. And in the end, it makes sense. Many guys are coming from relationships whereas their girl didn’t like anal sex. So they are a bit baffled by this new revelation that lots of girls dig it. 

Women like anal sex. That’s a fact. Not all of them, buy more than you think. 

I’ll explain.

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