Pandemic Anal Training Is a Real Thing (and its awesome)

The pandemic, alongside its controversial shutdowns, has brought about a lot of social weirdness. Our go-to absurdity will long be toilet paper hoarding. People are cooking and baking more than ever, that’s kind of cool. People are hitting the Peloton, good on ya! And people are anal training. Yes, anal training for anal sex. Not training to complete a 5K, rather, training their butt’s to be more accessible.

Sounds odd. But it’s true.

Call it boredom. Call it increased Internet time. Call it anything you like. Whatever the cause it amounts to the same thing: during the pandemic, people became more sexually exploratory, namely in the way of anal sex. And that’s something we love around these parts.

Anal sex is one of the few sexual endeavors which participants benefit from training (BDSM being the other one). This is because anal sex doesn’t always come naturally. A person can heighten their experience through enhanced mental and physical anal training.

Anal sex interest has risen over the course of the last two decades. It seems that COVID-19 restrictions, which have increased our time spent at home, have helped anal sex find its proverbial apex.

Katy Zvolerin, a rep for sex retail giant Adam and Eve claims there was an actual anal sex toy shortage (here). So yes, folks are getting into the anal play games. They are understanding more and more that anal sex has benefits. But moreover, that training the butthole makes it all more fun, more pleasurable, and a smoother event.

No one seems to be sure why the pandemic inspired so much interest in anal sex, other than boredom inspiring more inner-fantasies. The more you’re home, the more the walls close in, the more taking it in the ass sounds like fun. That makes sense. I think?

The real reason is likely that interest in anal sex dating already was on the rise. The boredom helped initiate sexual exploration between trustworthy, intimate partners. As well, it’s leading to more people wanting to experiment with interested partners, hence, anal sex dating as a trend.

Why Anal Sex Training?

Ah, now we’re at the meat and potatoes.

anal sex training

Why would anyone stretch their anus? What good does it do?

Actually, a lot.

Anal sex training helps increase pleasure from anal sex. It also encourages a more fluid experience between partners. By increasing the expansion of your anus, you give way to more anal nerve endings which increase pleasure. By not having such a restrictive anus, you lessen the obstruction and awkward moment when a man is trying to insert his hard dick.

When you anal sex train, you open up the experience (figuratively and literally). You enhance the experience for both the giver and you, the receiver. That’s the point. Like training for anything, you’re trying to get better at it. Anal sex is sort of sport when we consider it. But don’t count on anal sex making it as an Olympic sport anytime soon.

People are using anal sex toys as a way to train up. Think of anal sex toys like jump ropes and punching bags, they are implements that help a person increase their ability. Sex toy use is the easy way to emulate anal sex in a controlled fashion. You can go bigger and bigger, stretch more and more, in a controlled environment. Yep, just like when you train for anything.

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