The Amazing Benefits of Anal Sex

Being we’re an anal sex dating site, it comes as no surprise that we strongly believe couples who go backdoor experience lots of benefits. And there are lots of anal sex benefits to be had, whether it’s through random, strange sex, or during a long-term relationship.

Couples have long touted the benefits of anal sex. But it remains, many people largely ignore the upside of the backdoor experience. This is because, for many singles, anal sex remains a taboo sex act that’s not to be spoken of after it occurs.

But things are changing. Anal sex dating and hookups are becoming way more mainstream. We should know, we see how many singles sign up because they are interested in finding a fun anal sex partner.

The Benefits of Anal Sex

From bodily exploration to intimacy building, anal sex benefits impress us.

You Can’t Get Pregnant

I’m going to get the obvious and expected benefit out of the way. Look, while this anal sex benefit is obvious, it doesn’t mean we should take a pass on adding it to our list, even as a reminder.

Anal sex is a fun, sexy, and pleasurable experience that yields no risk in an unexpected pregnancy. In this way, you can have all the fun you like without worrying about becoming the couple from Knocked Up.

More Orgasm Potential

The anus is overloaded with sensitive nerve endings. And yes, it’s all a pipeline to your genitals.

For men, anal sex works the prostate region which leads to intense orgasms.

For women, anal sex can stimulate their legendary G-Spot. Many women report ejaculating from anal sex. In a recent study, 94 percent of women who’d partaken in a recent anal sex experience orgasmed. That’s insane.

The Taboo Nature of Anal Sex Opens Kink Valve

Let your freak flag fly when you partake in anal sex dating. When you and a random partner, or a long-term relationship, get down with anal sex, you increase your intimate connection. In other words, the taboo nature of anal sex opens you up to a more kinky, diverse sexual relationship in general.

You Can Use Fun Sex Toys

What’s more exciting than sex toy play with your partner? Anal sex not only offers lots of sex toy opportunity, but I’d say it’s healthy to use them, particularly in the early stages of anal.

You Can Dominate

Maybe you aren’t into a full BDSM experience. I get it. The good news is, anal sex sets the tone for a dominant/submissive sexual relationship. When you give a girl anal sex, you dominate her. So long as she’s into being a sexy submissive, it works out for both partners pretty well.

As With Any Sexual Experience, You Also Get…

Sex, in general, improves a lot of important aspects of your life. Here are a few more general sex benefits.

  • Improved stress management
  • Immune system boost
  • More potent libido
  • Improved mood
  • Less risk of stroke
  • Decreased hypertension

Anal sex benefits are far-reaching and not always obvious. Because anal sex is a bit taboo, people are often less apt to discuss these benefits. But hey, that doesn’t make them any less beneficial.

More and more singles are looking for discreet anal sex experiences. It’s why our anal sex dating site continues to grow. Sign up and meet someone interested in a discreet anal sex experience today (Join For Free). You will be happy you did.

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