What Anal Sex Feels Like For a Woman

Anal sex is one of the most popular sex acts. Although it remains somewhat a taboo subject compared to other more accepted sex acts, its popularity can’t be denied. Even in popular culture, such as TV shows, podcasts, and movies, anal sex popularity is surging.

But is anal sex another misogynistic sex act that doesn’t pleasure the woman?

Not so fast.

Let’s examine what anal sex feels like for a woman.

As anal sex grows in popularity and loses some of its taboo label, more people are asking, do women enjoy anal sex? Those asking include women who have yet to partake in an anal sex relationship.

On the surface, it probably seems as though women don’t enjoy anal sex. It would seem that it only benefits men.

It Can Be Painful…At First

If a woman has never had anal sex, the first go-round can result in discomfort. This is because her anus is not prepared for a penis to squeeze into the party. There are a couple of things that can help here:

  1. A good guy willing to proceed with patience and caution.
  2. Lubricant

Both of these factors can help a woman move beyond the initial anal sex discomfort stage.

There is also something called “anal training” where you start with anal beads, butt plugs, dildos, etc., to help ramp up the anus.

“The key thing about anal sex is that more guys like it than women like it, to be honest, or at least that’s what I hear from my patients,” Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine told Women’s Health Magazine. “It’s uncomfortable for a lot of people, and most people will have pain. But make sure you have plenty of lubrication on hand.”

In the end, the discomfort stage is a right of passage and likely sets the table for whether an anal sex dating partnership will work or fail. If the guy has no patience and isn’t reading the room, it’s likely to fail.

The first time, or few times, is likely to feel uncomfortable and awkward.

That said, there is sun on the horizon.

You Don’t Need a Prostate…

For men, a prostate certainly helps them enjoy anal sex. For women, there is this mythical belief that the prostate is the only conduit to enjoying anal sex. Therefore, as a woman, you can’t enjoy anal sex as you don’t have a prostate.

Untrue. Blasphemous.

Anal orgasms are real. Sure, the prostate holds the power of its own orgasm, but the anus does its thing just as well. You can directly stimulate the anus and enjoy incredible pleasure.

Anal Sex Can Feel Like Vaginal Sex

Say what?

Yep, it’s true.

A lot of people think that anal sex is one-sided only benefiting the man. But that’s not true at all. Women experience tremendous sensations around the anal ring and this can lead to explosive orgasms. Once the discomfort of anal sex dissolves, it gives way to mind-blowing orgasmic sensations.

If the man knows how to thrust slowly, yet with intention and patience, he can bring immense pleasure to the woman. This can be with his penis, or with toys.

For many women, fingers and small toys, butt plugs, etc., begin the process of enjoying anal sex. They work up to a larger dick penetration experience, but when they get there, it’s the ultimate pleasure.

When the man enters the woman’s anus using his dick, the added effect of sexual dominance takes hold and that can really ramp up the spirit of the sexual encounter.

Anus Contains 1000’s of Sensitive Regions

While the vagina and penis are built for pleasure, the anus is also built on utilizing lots of sensation components. All of these areas explode with pleasure when anal play begins.

So it’s a myth to believe that only vaginal sex stimulates a woman.

That said, not every woman will enjoy anal sex. Ultimately, it takes a little time to get used to and even then, some women never experience the fun in it.

The Biggest Takeaways?

  • Prostates aren’t required for anal sex orgasms
  • Pain and discomfort are normal in the early stages, start small, train, use lubricant, pick the right guy
  • The anus has lots of sensory regions that can lead to an anal orgasm

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