Anal Sex Safety Guide: How To Lower Risks

Around these parts, we love anal sex. Clearly, none of us would be hanging out on an anal sex dating site if we didn’t love it. Women love anal sex. Anal sex has benefits. Anal sex is popular in the mainstream (although it remains mildly taboo).

But is anal sex safe?

It’s certainly a popular question. And we’re here to discuss this very matter.

The Health Risk of Anal Sex

Anal sex is not without health risks. But, of course, all sex comes with some risks, so it’s always important to educate yourself before hooking up. That should be common sense.

First and foremost, the anus does not lubricate itself as the vagina does. Internal lubrication clearly offers a physical advantage to sex. Without it, tearing of the skin is highly possible. And that can create bacteria issues when a person goes #2 (for lack of a better term). 

Infections and anal abscesses are a prominent concern during anal sex if precautions aren’t taken.

anal sexUse water-based lubricants to help increase the glide, folks. 

Don’t keep the same condom you used during anal and switch to vaginal sex.

Don’t go all in at first; gradually increase the speed of anal sex to allow the lubricants to set in. 

Anal Sex and STDs

Because skin tearing is a more prominent risk during anal sex, so too can the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. This includes HIV, herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. 

Two pretty easy solutions substantially lower these risks. 

One should be obvious: wear a condom. A condom can help protect the skin from breakage, along with curtailing the transfer of bodily fluids. 

The second is using lubricants to help stave off skin tears. But don’t rely on saliva as a lubricant; saliva may increase the chances of gonorrhea

None of this is 100% effective, but doing the basics can help you significantly reduce your odds of contracting an STD.

Another big thing you can do is choose your partners in a discerning manner. Look, Anal Sex is a hookup site, which doesn’t exactly encompass discerning partner solution values. But just because you’re on a hookup site doesn’t mean that you can’t proceed with some caution.

Get to know your partner first. Ask your potential partner if they are into safe sex. If they seem careless in their responses or irritated by the line of questions, that may serve as a big red flag.

In online hookup dating, its always important to perform due dilegence and put your safety as a priority. This mindset reaches far beyond just STD prevention; you should also never place yourself in unsafe situations in general.

Be upfront about your focus on safety and root out the partners who seem lackadaisical about it. 

Anal sex is a great time. There are lots of people who share a lust for anal sex partners. Keep things safe and you’ll enjoy the time spent.