Do Women Like Anal Sex? Here’s What You Should Know

One of the biggest questions men ask when they join Anal Sex Dating is, do women like anal sex?

It seems mind-numbingly silly to ask this question given that women sign up for an anal sex dating site. But it happens all the time. And in the end, it makes sense. Many guys are coming from relationships whereas their girl didn’t like anal sex. So they are a bit baffled by this new revelation that lots of girls dig it. 

Women like anal sex. That’s a fact. Not all of them, buy more than you think. 

I’ll explain.

Girls talk about it. You probably don’t’ know that, because anal sex conversations are one of a girl group’s most protected, coveted conversation topics. But they happen all the time, particularly when the drinks are flowing. 

All girls are at least anal sex curious. 

There’s a rise in anal sex popularity that’s mostly due to less sexual cultural boundaries on women. Women who like anal sex are less judged today than they were 30 years ago. And that’s great for men who like anal sex. 

Many women like anal sex, but are scared because they don’t have a feel on how to prepare for anal sex. This causes them to avoid finding a backdoor sex partner. 

Why Do Women Like Anal Sex?

do women like anal sex

It’s fetish fun.

Women are commonly more experimental sexually than men. They desire kinks. Remember, this is our world after 50 Shades of Grey. Women want the kinks, all the kinks.

Anal sex is truly the ultimate sexual kink. It’s a fringe sex experience. Women love the mental side of sex and anal sex pushes the cognitive fun forward.

Anal Sex Allows Dominance

Many women desire a man that dominates them in a safe way. Anal sex is the ultimate dominant experience. When a man is having anal sex with a woman, she’s feeling dominated like never before.

When women crave feeling submissive, there are few better satisfactions than anal sex. 

The Anal Region Offers Sensitive Zones

The anal area is sensitive. Many women say they experience a tingling feeling during anal sex that can often lead them to explosive orgasms. While those orgasms might need a little help to the finish line with manual stimulation, the combination of anal sex and vaginal play can yield some pretty heightened stimulations. 

Anal sex, including using the tongue and toys, explores sensitive zones that many women didn’t even know existed. Continued experiments unveil newer fun zones. Its sexual exploration at it’s most exciting. 

When Do They Not Like Anal Sex

Women like anal sex, at least most do. The only time they tend to not like it is when they experience a bad version of it.

That’s why I recommend our how to prepare for anal sex starter guide. It helps alleviate women’s anal play fears, including the all-important cleanliness factor. 

Understanding a woman’s hesitations in regards to anal sex can help you overcome them. Be interested and forthcoming about your desire to have a discreet and clean sexual encounter. It goes a long ways with women.

Women Like Anal Sex

Anal sex feels good and offers women a fun, kinky experimental time as a submissive sex partner. Cultural status long discriminated against women who like anal sex, but those days are now fleeting as more and more women admit they enjoy it.

As a man, understanding why women like anal sex can help you score more anal opportunities. Knowledge is definitely power in these scenarios.

If a guy wants to score an anal sex date, he must be into preparation and cleanliness. No sexy girl wants anal sex with a dirtbag.

Be forthcoming regarding your desire to be clean and safe and you’ll find yourself a lot of kinky fun.

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