Women Who Love Anal – A Growing Trend In Dating

There are women who love anal sex. You didn’t know this? Come on, the writing has been on the wall now for years. Mainstream Hollywood TV shows and movies both feature more empowered women who profess their joy, or curiosity, for anal sex.

But why does it sometimes feel like women don’t like anal sex? Well, that’s because we are just now coming out of a world that supresses women’s sexual desires. And we coming out of that unabashedly, and rapidly.

Women Who Love Anal – A Mainstream Shake Down

In 2019, a Glamour article titled “I Genuinely Like Anal Sex – And I’m Tired of Feeling Bad About It” went viral.

The article is as shocking as it is raw and inspirational.

The brave writer breaks down the taboo aspects of anal sex. She credits HBO’s Sex And The City with opening her mind to new female ¬†sexual empowerement, including anal sex. In one episode, the girls debate anal sex in a cab using the term “up the butt girl.”

She even recalls her first anal sex experience as “awful,” a feeling that’s not overly unusual for debut anal sex.

Mainstream comedians have consistently gotten in on the anal action. Here’s female comic Nikki Glaser’s take on anal.

The point is, anal sex is roaring through mainstream culture as more and more women become sexually expressive over the sex act.

Women are driving the anal sex dating uprising. Namely because, the suppresion of women’s anal sex yearnings were the base of why anal sex was considered a taboo matter. Shaming women for their desires helped conceal what women really enjoy sexually. And it’s not just with anal sex, but also BDSM and other sex acts that women tend to enjoy, but pass on discussing.

Once the base began to collaps, well, more women felt comfortable rising up and professing their desire for anal sex.

To be clear, not all women like anal sex. But more women are discussing trying it, or having done it for pleasure many times. The conversations are now happening.

Women feel their characters aren’t challenged anymore by admitting to enoying anal sex.

The movement is growing. And likely, it continues to grow.

Discussing Anal Sex With Women

For men, this new progressive approach to anal sex certainly has it’s benefits. The major benefit to men is that you can now more confidently and openly disucss anal sex with a woman.

As we all know, communication in sex is the utmost important thing. Communication helps heighten experiences and create longer-lasting relationships.

The more men and women talk about sex, the better the sex gets.